Must have Mac OS X Apps

Posted: 2nd March 2011 by raph in Mac OS X

Here is a list of useful Mac OS X applications, i will try to keep this list updated:

Perian: Videos codecs for Quicktime

Dropbox: Sync and share files on the internet

Flip4mac: Play WMV video inside Quicktime

Adium: Multi-protocol instant messenger

GPGTools: Encryption tools for Mac OS X

Wunderlist: Manage and share todo lists

Freemind: Create and edit mindmaps

Transmission: Download bittorrent files

AppCleaner: Remove files left behind after deleting applications

AppFresh: Keep your applications up to date

OnyX: Maintenance and optimization tool

Skype: Voice and video conferencing over the internet

Teamviewer: Easily share your desktop for remote access over the internet

Virtualbox: Run Windows and other operating system inside your Mac without rebooting

VLC: Read almost any media file

Handbrake: Convert DVDs to media files

OpenOffice: Text, spreadsheet and poresentation editor

Evom: Convert media files to iTunes format

The Unarchiver: Extract files from any archive format

SousChef: Manage recipes and grocery lists

Skim: Easily annotate PDFs

Xbench: Benchmark utility for your Mac

jDownloader: Easily queue file transfer from popular download services

Winebottler: Create Wine bottles to emulate Windows apps inside Mac OS X


The paid apps:

Pixelmator: Powerfull image editor ($59.99)

1Password: Store all your password in one location ($39.95)

Rivet: Share media with your Xbox 360 and PS3 ($19.95)

Data Rescue: Recover data from failed hard drives ($99)

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